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Based in the Atlanta, GA metro area, the Atlanta Institute of Language provides a proven system to offer the best foreign language instruction available. Dedicated, native-speaking instructors are expertly skilled in teaching foreign language curriculum to students of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. We are committed to helping people succeed on their foreign language journey. 


AIL offers beginner through advanced classes in group sessions, private instruction and virtual classrooms in 12 languages and counting. Click here for information on the languages offered. Current class listings and registration are available here


If you are interested in other language services such as dialect coaching, certified translations, and much more, please visit our affiliate Lingustic Guru to learn more about our services.

About the Founder

 Lincoln De Oliveira

Lincoln De Oliveira

Founder / President

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Language guru. Coach. Instructor. Actor. Voice talent. Entrepreneur. World traveler.   


I was born in Curitiba, Paraná State, Brazil and I grew up along the coast so my native language is Portuguese, followed by learning English and then Spanish. In 1998, I graduated from Fafipar State College, Paraná State, Brazil with a Bachelor's Degree in Literature and Language Arts. In 1999, I moved to the United States to improve my language skills in English and I fell in love with the US, so I decided to build my life here from the ground up. 


I have been teaching foreign language since I was 14 years old and have never stopped because I love it. My passion for foreign language is because I see it as an art, like a painting on the wall exposing its beauties and secrets. I teach it so that others can expand on their opportunities as I did because there is so much one can do with an extra language. It truly opens new doors, both professionally and personally.


Before founding Atlanta Institute of Language in 2014, I was a partner in other language schools since 2006. Prior to running language schools, my professional career included working in the Foreign Language Department, where I worked with multiple US government agencies including the FBI, ICE, GBI, NSA and the military.


As Founder and President of both AIL and our subsidiary company, Linguistic Guru, I love coaching actors and actresses in foreign language, helping them to perfect accents and dialects. These intensive lessons are crucial to their success, since many actors don't speak a foreign language, yet they must memorize their lines in the language of the role. They must also get a sense and understanding of the culture and emotions so their lines are fluid and they don’t sound like a rookie.  It can be a challenge but I love helping actors succeed in mastering a language for their role.


In addition to teaching and coaching actors foreign language, I enjoy working in movies and TV as an actor, and have appeared in movies including Fast 5 with Vin Diesel, My Christmas Soldier, Evil Keg and Manhattan Crack'r. I have worked in voice over work, modeling and in television, even interviewing the former President of Brazil, Mr. Fernando Henrique Cardoso on MTV. 



If you are interested in other language services such as dialect coaching, certified translations, and much more, please click here to learn more about our subsidary company, Linguistic Guru.


We are always looking for friendly, qualified, native-speaking instructors to join our talented team. If you are passionate about helping others learn a new language, we are interested in speaking with you.