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Lincoln De Oliveira

Founder | President | Teacher | Dialect Coach | Translator

Born in Curitiba, Paraná State, Brazil, Lincoln grew up speaking Portuguese. He began studying English and Spanish at a very young age and graduated in 1998 from Fafipar State College, Paraná State, Brazil with a Bachelor's Degree in Literature and Language Arts. Lincoln began teaching language classes at the age of 14 and moved to the United States in 1999. 

Before founding the Atlanta Institute of Language in 2014, he was a partner in another language school and his professional career has included working in the Foreign Language Department with multiple US government agencies, including the FBI, ICE, GBI, NSA and the military. 

Lincoln is also the Founder and President of AIL's subsidiary company, Linguistic Guru. His professional portfolio includes coaching actors and actresses in foreign language; working in movies and TV as an actor (including appearances in Fast 5, My Christmas Soldier, Evil Keg and Manhattan Crack'r); voice over work; modeling and journalism.

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We proudly employ a diverse team of super-friendly, highly-qualified, native-language speaking teachers. Each of our instructors are passionate about teaching students their language.


We are always looking for friendly, qualified, native-speaking instructors to join our talented team. If you are passionate about helping others learn a new language, we are interested in speaking with you. 


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