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Arabic Language

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

With various cultures being seen wherever we go, we can definitely see the beauty in learning a new language.

Being the fifth most commonly spoken language in the world, Arabic is one of the languages that greatly stands out across the world.

For those who work in the business industry, we know that the Middle East is plentiful with natural resources. The economy for the Middle East is on the rise, so it is essential to learn this language when reaching out for international trade and business.

Linguistically, the Arabic language is beautiful and easy to learn.

For example, the word kataba means “to write” in Arabic. The word kitaab means “book” in Arabic, and the word kaatib means “writer” in English. These words all fall in the same category and even the spelling looks extremely similar.

Also a fun fact is that the different words for "love" in Arabic are used during certain stages of one's love life.

Learning Arabic will be a rewarding experience for all.

At the Atlanta Institute of Language, we work with our native-speaking staff to make sure they use a robust combination of teaching techniques. If you're ready to get started, please contact AIL at (404) 444-1532 or

Classes starting soon.

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