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Korean Language

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

With various cultures being seen wherever we go, we can definitely see the beauty in learning a new language.

Due to South Korea's economy constantly evolving and growing in an extremely fast manner, many employment opportunities are presented globally. Currently, South Korea's economy is the 13th largest in the world. Learning Korean will be essential for those who are working in the business field and want to work internationally.

In regards to the language itself, Hangul is scientific and formulaic. The rules of spelling and pronunciation are logical and follow patterns that will be easy to follow along with.

Although the grammar follows a different pattern than English (subject object + verb), Korean sentence structure will not change if you re discussing a singular object or a plural object.

In regards to other languages, Korean does not focus on the tone of words, so it will not be misheard as another term if someone speaks the language in another tone.

The most beautiful aspect of the Korean language is the honorific system that is used. The formal honorific of the language provides the upmost respect for the elders and even for the people that you've never met.

Internationally, the K-Pop phenomenon has been viral, with many countries in the world listening to Korean music, tying two different cultures together. This is one aspect that is interesting and gives people a reason, especially the modern generation, to learn Korean.

At the Atlanta Institute of Language, we work with our native-speaking staff to make sure they use a robust combination of teaching techniques. If you're ready to get started, please contact AIL at (404) 444-1532 or

Classes starting soon.

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